Today let’s talk about Bitcoin and why so many are still buying. Also, a significant and new development for Dogecoin, does this mean Doge can continue its pump?

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1:01 Market Update
2:50 Cancelled Student Debt
4:30 Inflation Reduction | Biden
7:20 USDC | USDT
7:40 Tether
8:55 Kevin O’Leary
10:10 Public Pension Fund
10:30 NFL Houston Texans
11:00 MACD
12:15 200 WMA
12:25 Exchange Balance
12:58 Coinbase Permium
13:24 Addresses holding .01 BTC
14:00 Chiliz | Pequin Update
15:35 Gala Games | Film
16:40 DOGE | Dogechain
21:00 Q&A

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