Getting RICH From Dogecoin & DogeX! (How To Mint A Rare Doge NFT)

Very little time left until launch! Hopefully you are having a good day 🙂

This is a different type of pick but there is still a big opportunity here to make profits if you mint early and hold for the right amount of time. Launch will be happing on Tuesday 9/7 at 1pm EST. Here is a quick guide to buying DogeX NFTs:

1 – Download the MetaMask app on your phone or get it on your computer and set up your ETH wallet. ETH is the default for MetaMask so it’s pretty easy to do but if you need help you can ask here or go to DogeX2021 on twitter for assistance.

Make sure set up an account with too beforehand. When you connect your wallet in the step right down there you will be connecting your MetaMask to your account which will allow you to buy.

2 – Fund you MetaMask with enough $ETH for mint (0.08 $ETH each + gas). Gas may be 0.02 Ethereum or higher so be prepared for that but it is just part of the process. You can fund your wallet for as many chances as you want to take minting. Best way to fund is simply by buying ETH on Coinbase or another exchange with a wallet and then sending it to your MetaMask wallet.

3 – Go to in the *METAMASK* BROWSER (VERY IMPORTANT TO USE METAMASK BROWSER NOT A NORNAL ONE). You can find the browser section on MetaMask by clicking on the top left 3 lines on your MetaMask app. Then you just click browser and type in in the search section. That is for the mobile version which you can do on your phone.

Then for the desktop version it is different. You can do it directly on most browsers through

4 – Next, you click connect wallet which you will see right there on the front page of the website. You can check out the website now if you want to see early what it looks like.

5 – From there you click ‘mint’ and you will get a unique NFT that may have rare/valuable characteristics. It is like opening a pack with potentially rare cards every time you mint.

6 – Confirm that it worked in MetaMask by looking at your wallet transactions.

After completing this process and waiting for the transaction to go through (which should not take very long) your NFT will be visible quickly on your Opensea account and you will also eventually also be able to see it on the NFT section of your Metamask wallet which can sometimes take over a day to show up.

Holding especially at first helps to keep the price floor high and increase the value! Taking profits early is ok too though if you decide to. If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone on the team.



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