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Forex Robot Trading Software

Many automatic trading programs are used in the Forex market nowadays. Such automatic trading programs enable trader to trade in the forex market without actually participating in real trading.

What Are Non Directional Trading Strategies?

There are two main strategies being adopted by many traders that may require various types of approaches. One of the most used is the non directional trading strategies, the other being the directional trading strategies. The former, also called neutral strategies, is when traders do not take any net short or long positions and instead manages to match his positions wisely.

Non Directional Trading Tips

The use of non directional trading tips is a very important aspect of non direction trading since this field of business interaction is a very complex and possesses a lot of confusing elements. Basically, the teachings of non directional training revolve around the issue of risks and how to deal with it.

FOREX Trading Guide – Know the Secrets

Dabbling in FOREX trading or foreign exchange trading can be very detrimental to one’s bank account and assets if you do not know how to go about it. Since this kind of trading is pretty volatile and somewhat risky, relying on a FOREX trading guide at the beginning should help you learn the ropes and teach you what to do and what not to do when trying to make money from this type of trading.

Forex Trading Lessons – Getting Rid of the Shortcut Mentality

When it comes to forex trading lessons, I think the biggest lesson a new trader can learn is the fact that there are no shortcuts when it comes to trading. A lot of people have to learn the hard way. The fact that 95% of traders lose money should be an indication of that.

Forex Trading Leverage – What You Have to Know

Forex trading leverage is something that every single forex trader should know about before they take any trade. Leverage is a way to increase returns on your trade. But of course, it’s a double edged sword, because it can increase you losses if you don’t know what you’re doing, which is sadly the case for many new traders.

Financial Indicators Explained

Ray Barros was asked if he had any view about which financial indicators are the best. Read this article to find out what he thinks about these indicators in general. Ray believes that people are seduced into thinking if I can just find the right tweak, the right parameter I am going to have a really simple way of making a lot of money in a real quick time. It doesn’t exist. Find out what else he thinks of indicators from this article.

Professional Forex Trading – What Skills Do You Need?

A lot of people who develop an interest in forex trading automatically assume that they need some specific skills to become a professional trader. That is true to some extent however you certainly do not need any professional qualifications. In fact there are very few barriers to entry whatsoever.

IvyBot Forex Robot Review – Is IvyBot For Real Or is it Just Too Good to Be True?

IvyBot in a new Expert Advisor that has received much attention in the last few days and has already had some great reviews from forex veterans. Here are only some of the reasons for its popularity: It’s the only automatic trading system that has the ability to upgrade itself according to the changes in the FX market. This market moves up and down all the time and using a static algorithm is a sure recipe for failure.

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