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Recommended indexes on token metrics show sample portfolios and their valuation against Bitcoin. These are powered by AI and machine learning! Not that these indexes should be copied blindly, but they could serve as a useful tool for your own research.

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Make Money With Forex – Prevent Your Losses From Hurting Your Profits

No matter how much of a skilled trader you are, you are bound to take losses at some point. These can be frequent events or not, but if you manage to take just a few losses against many winners then you are performing very well and there is no shame in it. Learn how the key to managing your losses for a profitable trading operation.

Foreign Currency Traders Today

Who are they? They’re regular people like you and me. Many years ago they where only the elite.

Auto Forex Trading For Consistent Profits

Many traders are looking for an auto forex trading system that they can use to trade with. The thought of having trades entered and exited automatically is very appealing. This is especially true when the trades being made are profitable. It is a very good feeling to wake up to money in your forex account without having to do anything, while you know other traders have been up for a few hours!

Best Forex Software to Achieve Consistency Within the Forex Market

The goal of this article is to provide you with a set of simple parameters to help you determine which is the best forex software, something from my own experience can be a daunting task, and it really should not be. Learn what are the key factors to consider in order to determine which is the best forex software and get it right the first time.

Online Forex Trading – Discover Why Most People Never Get Started and How You Can Overcome It

The foreign exchange market remains one of the most rewarding opportunities of making money, and your success depends entirely on your own ability as a trader and not on the state of the economy, your employers profits (or lack of it) or whether or not your boss likes you. In fact, with online forex trading, you can make money even when the economy is going down the drain. But a lot of people never get started in this business. Why is that so? In this article, I’ll explain the reason why and what you can do to overcome this.

What is a Forex “PIP” and Why is it Important For Trading?

PIPs are very important in the forex market. If you’re new to forex, it’s a word you’ll be hearing often; as it’s that one little word which literally makes to forex world turn; but what does it mean?

Risk Management 101 For Forex Trading Beginners

Risk is a staple in forex trading. And forex traders who get into the thick of things without learning some important currency trading tips about risks are likely to learn their lessons the hard way early on.

What Every Trader Needs to Succeed in the Foreign Exchange Market

There are many kinds of Forex trading formulas proliferating the market today. With the huge amounts of profit that traders make on the foreign exchange market, many people want in on the action.

Forex Swing Trading – Does it Work?

Yes. Forex swing trading certainly does work and so do many other systems for trading Forex. So, the question is, “Is swing trading the best way to make money in currency trading?” The answer is really up to the individual as you the trader need to decide which way to trade. In my opinion there are many ways to make money in Forex and I personally prefer to trade in quick moves and get out where as swing traders look to hold a position for a few days or even weeks. Let’s take a look at advantages and disadvantages of swing trading:

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