Bitcoin Recovers BACK above $40,000 (Urgent Warning for all Metamask Apple Users)

Today will be discussing Bitcoin breaking its 80-day support and $200M in liquidations taking place. Next we’ll look at Ethereum Foundation’s report revealing $1.6B in treasury holding, and last we’ll look at the recent MetaMask exploit through Apple iCloud.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include Gareth Soloway, Crypto Keeper, The Martini Guy, & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

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Trading Forex – Negative Interest Rates?

Swedish central bank, Riksbank, set a precedent by introducing negative interest rates. Will other financial authorities follow suit?

IvyBot Review – What Are Real People Saying About IvyBot?

The arena of forex is full of thousands of systems that claim that they’re the “Holy Grail”. Each one of them claim that they can solidly supply you with winning trades. While a few of them measure up to their claims, a lot of them don’t. In reality, the majority of products out there are utterly pointless.

Forex Trading – It Would Be Helpful For You to Purchase a Forex Trading Robot

Become Familiar With Forex Trading – It would also be helpful for you to purchase a Forex trading robot and allow it to start trading for you so that you may become familiar with how Forex trading is done. You will be more successful if you do eventually learn to trade Forex without the use of the robot.

Forex Trading – Always Practice Your Skill at Trading As Much As Possible and Realize Success

If you are just getting started however, it might serve you better to open a smaller account in order to best work out how you want to trade. If you are wanting to start trading in order to earn your living, however, the $25 minimum isn’t going to get you where you want to be. You will need to assess many different factors in order to decide how much is necessary to start your account.

When You Trade Forex – Never Fuel a Losing Trade Or You’ll Be on Your Way to Disaster

To “get a better average price”, new traders often add to trades that are already losing. They think they will be able to break even when the market goes in the direction they want. However, most of the time the market moves further against them. A previously small and manageable loss, becomes large and catastrophic.

Forex Trading – Top Forex Traders Do a Number of Things to Maintain Their Success

To ensure success with their Forex trading, the top traders have some methods. Making money from trading is a deliberate and thoughtful process. If you keep the integrity of a few easy tips, you’ll soon realize how simple Forex trading really is.

Trading Forex – Always Remember That You Are in Control of the Risk Factor

All you simply have to remember when performing your Forex trading is this. Never add to a losing trade when you are trading Forex. Be aware at all times of your position or have your trading parameters pre-set.

Forex Trading – Your Hard Work Will Pay Off Beautifully in Profit

If you’re just getting started with figuring out how the game works, it makes sense to start small. You won’t make your fortune with a $25 starting account either, however, so consider how important your trading will be to you. You need to consider a few things before you know for sure just how much you should invest in your Forex trading account.

Successful Forex Trading on the Market Requires a Few Clear and Clever Strategies

The most successful Forex traders on the market have a few strategies in common to maintain their profits. There’s little luck involved in being skilled at Forex trading. You don’t have to let the Forex market rule your finances if you know how to trade well enough.

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