Today I want to talk about Bitcoin this coming week and events that may affect the overall crypto market.

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0:00 Intro
0:55 Market Overview
3:15 Big Economic Week
6:35 Ukraine Update
8:30 Exchange Outflow
9:05 BTC Being HODLed
9:45 Kevin O’Leary
11:15 Higher Lows
12:10 LFG Buys 180m BTC
13:50 Sandbox
14:40 Cosmos
16:10 Polkadot
20:00 Q&A

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Forex Software – Cynical Shenanigans on the Forex Market?

Most people dream of the days where you find something that makes your life easier financially. The Forex market is a place where nightmares and dreams intertwine. One day you are top of the world, the next a bad decision can land you on the scrapheap with all the rest of those who thought they had cracked the Forex market with their own unique ‘system’.

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Forex robots come in all shapes and sizes and are all unique. Or are they? Each different product professes to do something different, the bright shiny packaging sends a signal to the buyers brain that tells you, ‘yes this IS different to the other one I bought, this WILL make me money’. Your brain will not accept the fact that perhaps you have been sold some magic beans … again! This article is not going to be about Forex robots not working or anything like that, just that many are quite similar in many ways.

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